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Post-doctoral fellowship

Immune response against glioblastoma

One post-doctoral position for candidates who have an established expertise in T cell cloning (mouse and/or human), TcR repertoire and T cell functional analysis both in vitro and ex-vivo, preferentially focussed on CD4+ T helper (Th) cells, is offered in the Laboratory of General Pathology and Immunology “Giovanna Tosi”, School of Medicine, University of Insubria, under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Accolla and Prof. Greta Forlani.

Research program is focussed on the adaptive immune response against glioblastoma (GBM) the most deadly CNS tumor for which therapeutic approaches are still very limited and of extremely poor clinical success.

Candidate research activity will be centered on the genetic modification of GBM cells with the MHC class II transactivator (CIITA), discovered in the laboratory of Prof. Accolla, and on the analysis of CD4+ Th cell response against the repertoire of CIITA-driven MHC-II-restricted tumor peptides newly expressed by the genetically modified tumor cells. Previous studies of the lab have demonstrated that CIITA- modified tumor cells of different histotypes can be rejected or strongly retarded in their in vivo growth by acting as surrogate antigen presenting cells of their own tumor antigens for tumor specific CD4+ Th cells.

The immunopeptidome characterization of MHC class II-bound putative GBM tumor antigens has been already initiated in CIITA-modified murine and human cells. A number of selected peptides are already being synthesized for functional analysis of the T cell response.

The post-doctoral fellowship is for two years, starting from april-may 2022 and extendable to a third year. Basic salary is 25.000 euro/year, adjustable on the basis of the candidate previous experience.

Interested candidates should contact Prof. Accolla or Prof. Forlani at the following e.mail addresses:



Two postdoctoral positions are available at the Molecular Immunology Unit, headed by Dr. Mario P. Colombo, at the Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, a leading Center in basic and translational Cancer Research.
The general interest of our lab is to understand the interplay between tumor cells, extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins and immune and non-immune stroma in shaping tumor plasticity, resistance to therapies and local and systemic immunity. Solid (breast, prostate and osteosarcoma) and hematologic tumors are investigated. Our approaches mainly involve the use of mouse models (transgenic, conditional or constitutively knock-out for proteins of interest), in vitro systems and validation in patient-derived tumor specimens.

Two positions are open on the following projects:
In the context of an AIRC-funded project (PI Dr. Colombo) aimed to study the role of key ECM and ER-stress proteins in regulating tumor resistance to hormone therapies, the fellow will specifically focus on prostate cancer and neuroendocrine differentiation. For background and overview of disease setting please see “Enriquez et al, Cancer Res, 2021; doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-21-0163”
The position will be in the area of an AIRC-funded project (PI Dr. Chiodoni) focused on osteosarcoma biology and on the possibility to exploit stemness/mesenchymal features as targets for new therapeutic approaches. For background and overview of disease setting please see “Ratti et al, Clin Cancer Res, 2017; doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-16-3186”

We are looking for applicants with a PhD degree in biomedical sciences. Candidates who are going to obtain the PhD in a few months would be also considered. Applicants should be highly motivated and committed to cancer research, with a demonstrated scientific track record and the ability to work independently. Experience with murine tumor models and tumor biology is required. Additional experience in one (or more) of the following areas will be considered a plus: tumor immunology, multicolor flow cytometry, tumor metabolism, bio-informatics.

The position will be initially for one year, renewable up to three. Salary will be commensurate to experience.

To apply or for informal inquiry please contact: and Interested applicants should submit their candidature through the Sidra Medicine Website:

The application should include: • • Detailed CV with publications
• • Motivation letter
• • Name and contacts of two referees

IBAN: IT18R0333201400000000961533