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NIBIT Italian Network for Cancer Biotherapy


Fellowship in Immunotherapy

IRCCS San Raffaele Institute, Milan-Italy

CAR4PDAC: T cells as living drugs

A fellowship is immediately available at the Lymphocyte Activation Unit of the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan to work on a project focused on CAR-T cell therapy of pancreas adenocarcinoma (PDAC).

Which are the constraints of tumor-CAR-T cell interaction within primary and metastatic lesions? Which are the ideal antigens to be targeted? Could antigen expressed by the tumor and by component of the tumor stroma be jointly targeted to ameliorate responses to heterogeneous tumors? What limits therapeutic efficacy? We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed candidate with a strong motivation for immuneoncology research willing to join activities ongoing within the lab. Newly conceived CAR-T cell therapies are currently being tested in state-of-the art preclinical models of mouse and human PDAC towards a phase I clinical trial.

A highly collaborative environment, along with an intense Lecture and Seminar program and several Institutional Facilities (animal housing, flow cytometry, imaging, genomic and proteomic) complement bench-based research.

Candidatures from recent PhD graduates and technicians will both be considered. Selection of the best-fit applicant will be based on academic credential, previous research experience and peer-reviewed publications. Previous exposure to complex mouse surgery will provide a selective advantage.

Salary will be commensurate to previous research experience. A one-year renewable contract is offered, within the frame of AIRC and EU-funded projects.

Interested candidates should send a CV, statement of interest, and two reference contacts to Arianna Pocaterra at

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IBAN: IT18R0333201400000000961533