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What is NIBIT

The NIBIT - Italian network for cancer biotherapy and immunotherapy - was established in 2004, to respond to the need to create a cooperative network that would collect and coordinate the activities of several Italian groups involved in biotherapy and immunotherapy of cancer.

Numerous groups, over the years, have joined the NIBIT with a consequent progressive growth of the network and a greater activity in terms of projects, initiatives and collaborations.
In consideration of this development, the NIBIT was established in 2006 as a non-profit association.


The objectives of the NIBIT are:
a) to promote and develop scientific, professional and operational interaction between professionals (academy, industry, regulatory agencies) involved in cancer biotherapy;
b) to develop and conduct clinical biotherapy studies on tumors;
c) to develop initiatives aimed at directing and informing cancer patients about clinical trials in the network.


Currently, NIBIT hosts over 30 research institutes throughout Italy, organizes educational events, an annual Meeting now in its seventeenth edition, and preclinical and clinical studies.



Attualmente il NIBIT si compone di un Consiglio Direttivo con un Presidente, un Segretario/Tesoriere e sette Consiglieri. L’Assemblea dei Soci è costituita da membri che rappresentano i principali gruppi italiani di ricerca clinica e pre-clinica in ambito oncologico.

Ad oggi fanno parte del NIBIT numerosi gruppi di lavoro in rappresentanza di diverse istituzioni sanitarie, universitarie ed agenzie regolatorie nazionali.


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Your contribution will allow us to foster and develop the interaction between professionals involved in cancer biotherapy to identify new ways of intervening in the fight against cancer, thus increasing the therapeutic possibilities available.

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